15th Anniversary

Since being established in 2002, PMH Management and Consulting has given service to elite athletes and continues to innovate its inner structure and corporate identity.

Paving the way with players who have influenced Turkish football for the last 20 years like Bülent Korkmaz, İlhan Mansız, Emre Aşık and Hasan Şas, our company leads the market in guiding the careers of international stars.

During the last decade, PMH increased its relationship levels with leading clubs, club directors and coaches both in and out of Turkey.

PMH representatives are committed to football and the progress of professional players, who are the most important part of the game. Our company is looking at the past with pride and embraces the future with high hopes.

The PMH objective is to serve the represented players deservedly and help fulfill their potential as it has been during the last 10 years.