PMH Management & Consulting

PMH Management and Consulting is working with top level professional players in Turkish Football since its establishment in 2002.

The company has been founded by Ali Egesel, one of the first FIFA Licensed football agents in Turkey and Ogan Tarhan who was the press officer for Turkish National Football team in 2002 World Cup Finals. Understanding the ever- increasing demands of professional football, PMH Management has given service at international level to its clients who are working hard to succeed in their careers.

We can clearly see that the football stars of today, who are always expected to be at their best both in and out of the field, need serious help and guidance.
Pioneers in Turkey on Football Management, PMH helps the players build their careers and provides technical, sporting and legal support.

The company has vast experience in Turkey and leading footballing nations in Europe. Increasing these relations, PMH works hard and improves its corporate structure with the ambition of leading the players outside the country.

Services provided by PMH Management & Consulting

Career Planning & Personal Development

Investment Strategies

Legal Consulting

Re-location and after-transfer services

After Football Guidance

Endorsement, Marketing and Sponsorship

Contract Works

Talent Scouting and Career Progress